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Umm. Yeah. Not much has happened. Been pretty content.
Went to Jr. Prom last night. There were lots of others that were there that wern't Juniors also so yeah.
Bought the new Coldplay single off iTunes yesterday. Been on repeat ever since. You should buy it. It's awesome.
I'm about to go to Best Buy in like 10 minutes to finally get the Coheed DVD.
Um after Prom a bunch of people went to Nick's. Well really Rachael's. Cuz it was her party. But yeah I really didn't know anyone. Just chilled with Nicole. Said bye to Nick for a week cuz he's in DC.
This Janelle girl snuck in alcohol to the party. And was the only one drunk. Noticed how ridiculous you really get when you're drunk. Especially if you're the only one drunk.
Stupid Girl.
Anyways yeah. It's gonna be a boring week. Since Nick is like my main man. I'll be bored at lunch. We gots text messages though.

Yeah and I've been playing guitar alot lately. It's sweet. I got that solo form Somebody to Love down almost. If my finger would fucking heal.

anyways. leave a comment if your cell can do texts.

Coming home from Best Buy today (I got the Special Edition of Full Collapse by Thursday and COCA DVD) I saw a little kid and his mom making a snow man. In the middle of April. In the middle of April I saw a tree blossoming with white flowers and under it lay a bed of snow. In the middle of April I saw a budding tree showered with snowflakes.
It's the end of the world.
Or just weather in Michigan.
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